We use Neilson Recruitment for all our positions across the UK, from sales managers to senior management. Alan fits into our organisation perfectly – he knows the way we work and we know him. I can just give him the spec and he’ll research the market, find the best people and then do first round interviews. By the time I have to get involved, I know that the shortlist will be perfectly tailored to us and we’ll always be able to hire from it. I trust Alan and know I can take him at his word. He’s always there when we need him and he knows the kind of candidates we like. He’ll even approach us with candidates if he’s got someone new on his books who he thinks we’ll be interested in.

Adrian Hance, Divisional Director, IMS UK

After over 2 months of unemployment and after registering with a number of top recruitment agencies, I was beginning to think my age, 56, was preventing me obtaining another sales post. All the recruitment agencies were very positive about my CV but they were unable to arrange any interviews. I approached Neilson and we had a very constructive meeting. Within 24 hours, they had organised an informal chat with the MD of a company who were not looking to recruit immediately but were interested because of my background. This chat lead to a formal interview, and then to a job offer which I accepted.

Gordon Stevenson, Candidate

We have used Neilson Recruitment to fill all our available positions for the last two years. I find their methods innovative and effective – there’s a much higher success rate from them than any other agency I have ever used. Where other agencies may put forward candidates who match two out of seven specification points, Alan’s specification alignment is spot on. He personalises the search to my exact request and interviews the potential candidates to ensure that I only see the very best. I have employed Territory Managers and Key Account Managers through Neilson, all of whom have become outstanding members of the team.

Sandy Blair, Regional Manager, PPG

Neilson Recruitment puts forward candidates who are colourful and different, but fantastic at the job. Alan is very intuitive and I trust his judgement; he seems to know exactly what I’m looking for even when I don’t.
Years ago, Neilson put forward a very quirky candidate for a Branch Manager position, someone I  wouldn’t have chosen in a million years – he turned out to be a terrific manager and is still with us. I always use Neilson when looking for new employees.

Bridie Warner-Adsetts, COO, Naylor Industries plc

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